Chicken hearts collection

(The Surreal Headdresses)

For a woman to stop collecting chicken hearts, that is, stories with a sad end or stories of total failure, she must know herself. That one part of itself is like the zebra and the other is a real cheetah. Vicki Noble said in his book “The Awakening of the Goddess” that a man capable of recognizing his wild part in women can be considered a lucky man. We are often told that we are strange, crazy, discontented and restless. Well yes, we are like this because we are cyclical. I bet Eve was and that Adam complained constantly! But in order for a man to find his wild woman (his way of saying since nobody belongs to anyone) there is a need to be recognized and therefore it is necessary first of all to get to know each other. Women try in many ways to make themselves understood, to communicate what they feel and what they want with its nuances and mood swings. The woman is cyclical, this cannot be changed. Often it happens to enter into a relationship where everything that was lost is lost, the woman loses her identity and gets molded. I was shocked while reading Women Running with Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola, a book considered the bible of women, while reading the story of Blue Beard. At that moment my thoughts changed, I understood the mechanism and I know I can no longer go back. It was an evolutionary step in my life. The half zebra-half cheetah creature is my creation to represent the two sides of the woman: being prey and being a hunter. The right balance of these two totem animals for me made me stop collecting chicken hearts, stories with egocentric, narcissistic, mean and male chauvinistic people. I believe that every woman needs a single heart, a big heart like that of an ox. Odara.

mixed media on canvas 50×70