A letter

(The Cappuccini)

Light entities act according to our evolution on earth, depending on how much we have learned and how strong our trust is.

oil on canvas panel 24×30

This form of help takes place after our renunciation of the ego, of the acceptance of what we are insufficient to ascend on our own because we have touched the limit of personality.
The pain of loss is sometimes so deep and intense, so unbearable and poignant to the point of making us forget that we are still alive.
The letter represents all kinds of losses, death, farewell, betrayal, deception.
Sometimes we die even to reach those who left us, sometimes it is like living dead.

Today is resurrection, it is Easter, (Christianity) and symbolically it is the return of life in the body and although it is scientifically proven to be impossible, those who have lost, including me (more than three times in my life), we take this day to restore the life within us, resume the personality and now seen the bottom of the black and dark well, we just have to go up, be reborn. The ego is no longer there, even that is dead, by now we are without pride, without shame, without hope, we are truly abandoning ourselves. What better time to be reborn? What more precious moment to be free from pain?

Today is Easter of liberation, (Judaism) from slavery, time to remove the chains attached to the feet, those that did not make us walk, that held us still, motionless inside the pain, time to mentally free ourselves from unjust punishments, from undeserved pains , from those wounds that saw us. We will then look at them with pride because at your resurrection you will become stronger, you will be unharmed, you will have the power of a herd, you will feel higher than the Nepalese mountains. And you will be so full of color that no canvas can ever have them!

The resurrection is the example that after the loss, abandonment, betrayal or what has been, we can survive much pain, managing to be better and stronger than before. When you understand that you are at the bottom, that nothing is left of you, that last drop of energy inside you will make you lift your head and look up. And from above you will see the spheres of light, the angels, the protectors, you call them whatever you want, they are ready to give you a hand! You just have to believe it! And remember, those who hurt you just taught you to be stronger and more enlightened. When you are ready, you will be able to forgive and thank! With love, Odara. And good resurrection to all.

original drawing