The Mother Goddess in each one of us

(The Surreal Headdresses)

mixed media on canvas 70×70

When I started this painting I didn’t know what I was going towards. It was still a time when I often got sick and tried every type of drug without ever being able to feel good. One day I read about a Chilean plant and started treating myself with that. In the meantime I went back to the woods, I collected, together with my daughter, leaves and flowers still completely unknown to me, and so we started our herbarium or catalog. In my notebook I write from the origins of each plant up to its use in Chinese medicine, while my daughter makes them dry and then writes the common name so as to return to the woods and recognize the plants.

In the following days I felt in complete harmony with life and nature. I was much more sure of myself, I had confidence in what I was doing and the hesitations were completely gone.

  Those walks had a regenerating effect and days later I dreamed of two words: Healing and Healthy. I must specify my English is not bad but not perfect either. I knew more or less the meaning of these words but then trying to “fix” them, healing is for healing and healthy is for health. By now it was decided and I could no longer hesitate, the way was right, my treatments were working, I had to continue until my intuition would have told me: “okay for now, now you can stop”.

At that moment I was in a state of bliss but I still had to get rid of my “time wasters” or as I also called them, “the outburst that will make me sick”, yes because the excuse that the cigarette calmed me was nonsense nonsense, every Once I was maddened for some reason, I went outside and lit a cigarette. However, I was very aware that while I was aspirating I was projecting into the cigarette itself so what I was doing to my body was a double evil. I inhaled anger and not calm.
In addition to that, I had already changed some foods by replacing them with products from my area. Finally, I went back to yoga. Obviously if you don’t like yoga you can always do any other activity, judo for example is fantastic and gives us security.

Slowly (and it took me though) I acquired the behavior and the practice. The respectful attitude towards nature and above all towards myself. This transformation came about through walks in the woods and my desire to heal because I couldn’t take it anymore. In the meantime, my canvas did not end, I was ill, the painting never finished.

I once planted a sunflower seed in a small pot. I was still in Brazil. My mother said to me: “well … I don’t know if it will grow in this jar”. I knew nothing about plants, I was young, I was twenty-two years old and I said to my mother: “you will see that it is born, and when the flower opens, something will happen”. Well, the seed has sprouted, grown and grown tall. On the day the flower opened, something happened, not beautiful but it happened … a person dear to me died, a person I loved very much and who taught me many things, he was like a teacher, in addition to being in the real life.
This, despite the bad event, serves to make us understand that nature is speaking to us! Obviously I have never planted a sunflower again in my life but the truth is that you have to listen to it without doubting. If you doubt her, you doubt yourself.

The wisdom of Mother Earth is before our eyes and our disposition. When women made use of plants or herbs for healing, they were killed with the witch protocol and men stole every discovery, recipes, uses and all scriptures that women had made. By taking possession of this information, they have become the holders of that power that today are the great companies that make use of it, logically transformed and monopolized. Why should I buy an aloe vera based product for example, if I can find the plant and use it? Of course it takes knowledge and we must recover it!

This blessing makes me feel one with nature, with the earth, with the rain. I lost the fear of meeting animals in the woods and consequently also my daughter who cried desperately as soon as she saw a skinny and hungry spider in the floor of the house. Now he takes tadpoles with his tiny fingers, runs after the lizards and no longer screams for spiders. I managed to finish the canvas and learned to listen to the messages that nature wants to pass on to me.