The purple transcendental

oil on canvas panel 24×30

Do your metaphisical experience!

Imagine a bridge that bring you into another dimension. Imagine the cave entrance that inside you can see a beautiful healing light, and through this light is possible cross the spiritual plane.

Yeah, this is the purple color, the metaphisical color you see in this painting.

The purple color rapresent the cosmic conscious, also rapresente the seventh chakra and established the divine connetion with the Supreme.

In Japan this color are associated to erotism and for the italian people the color is the death. Pope Innocenzo III makes a fusion with this color with the black color giving a signfication exclusive to the death celebration. people dont use or wear this colors toghether and usualy never wear purple.

In theater is several prohibited wear this color or the show will be a disaster!

The Christian belief believe this color can create distance between man and his right way but the popes and the priest wear it! this is the sign! this is the way, we need to wear, see and feel this spiritual color tha can show us the more than we really know.

Through purple light, the gods had have the power of metamorphosi, trasforming in another creature with a different aspect, and they did it thanks to the magic or the mistic ritual. This was the symbol of the almighty gods.

The Ishtar door, the eigth door of the Babylonia city (575 a.c.) was made in a blu-violet color, so this is the key! If you go to the another dimension or spiritual plane, the purple color can help you in many ways, dip to the shining warm purple color, fixed this healthy light and left your soul find the spiritual healing.

In this painting all the little childs they are magic creatures or doctors assistant and she lying on that bed wearing a purple dress is all ready to do her metaphisic experience.