The Justice

Justice, the sixth dimension, now more than ever we are talking about the new era, precisely that, where the key is in the hands of women.

 My paintings are not made for the moment but are adapting to what we are experiencing now and more than anything else that I hope will happen. What is it about? Of justice done to women, or of a world where women make themselves respected. For this, however, we must remove the sentimental hammer from current hands and above all, women must establish borders, limits, for themselves, for their own safety and for their own growth. Demarcate land and spaces, not only those who frequent but spaces and parts of one’s body as well as one’s whole body. Set limits on who can enter your home, your space, your body because only in this way will patriarchy be weakened. How? Starting from the awareness of one’s being woman, consequently respect for oneself and the boundaries for everything else, for others. If you decide that no one can cross here, no one will be able to do it and if it will be breaking a rule. All very simple on these lines but not very functional in reality because in order to assert the rule, understood as a law, you have to transform that hammer that has been in the hands of others into matriarchal, otherwise we will continue to be ruined, we would never have justice from our part and we will not get our rights. So do I have the solution? No, I don’t have the solution, we have the solution together! What I hope and expect is therefore the awakening of the female being, I will not write or at least for now I will not describe the degradation in which we find ourselves because of a spiritual involution, we are in the right time, we are in the right time, we have the moon (which guides us to perform the right action at the precise moment), fire (the female creative energy that never dies), we have the memory and we know how to practice mysterious communication (elephants). The balance must be supported by women and the universe. Odara.