Bird in the head

(The Surreal Headdresses)

A little bird on the head. Life, death, rebirth. Motherhood, abortion, the end of one cycle, the beginning of another through life, eternity. The woman’s body and body is earth that bears fruit to feed people. It fertilizes the seed, nourishes it and makes it grow through its body, gives it life and then gives it back to the earth and if this was not ready to be born, nature itself, the earth or the body like mud will take care of saving the woman and to take the little creature back with it again. There is no need to fear since she is wise and knows that this is the right thing to do.  The dead bird on the head represents intuitive wisdom that saves from the pain of loss and the non-acceptance of the event. The woman is earth and therefore it frightens, makes you tremble, frightens, is unpredictable like an earthquake, depending on its intensity it can cause damage, injuries and deaths, for this reason it is called mad by men, for its strength and capacity for its intensity female. It is the power of nature that governs life, death and rebirth, it is she who gave you life and must be respected.

In the event that it was not the woman’s own nature that provided the interruption of life in the womb, she and only she will be able to decide what to do with her body and the creature she carries within her. No other person intervenes in his decision, neither a religion, nor a table of men without a womb and without a vagina to decide for him! Not even politics made up of men “without uteri” is able to choose, indeed, they must give safe means and guaranteed support to women in order to decide exactly what is best for them, no one else. Odara.

my sweet little bird in a poppy field