Women and bees. (In memory of African people)

(The Surreal Headdresses)

woman with beehive on her head
mixed media on canvas

The new moon was about to arrive and I had to start a new project for the series “The Surreal Headdresses”. I already had in mind what I wanted to do but coincidence or not, after a few days, I read the news that talks about the return of the blue bees, or the carpenter bees, so they are called in America, and although I did not even know of their existence, in my I designed the bees to be there because I would put the hive in the head of the woman. That day was precisely May 20th, World Bee Day, and then I understand that I am in time with nature, that I have received another message and that I am in perfect harmony! How beautiful my project was in balance with the cosmos!

Unfortunately something terrible and unacceptable has happened. The episode of George Floyd, killed by those policemen in an absurd and cowardly way. My harmony and balance have been disturbed and turned upside down as if the hive had been thrown to the ground without reason by someone who enjoyed doing it. I was unable to watch TV and yet it is not the first time that such a thing has happened.

I looked at my canvas, I thought not to put the hive anymore or that it would be appropriate to modify it. My painting had nothing to do with that episode but I felt that something had to be changed, I didn’t know well but in the end I decided to leave it as per the initial project.

So like a dull scream, a silent cry, it was as if my painting was turning to violence out of racism but that no one hears it; violence also against women whom no one punishes; the extinction of bees that no one is responsible for but still, to a moral disorder, to the chaos of justice, to the lack of peace and cosmic conscience, to the lack of respect for ethnic groups, for the African Continent where it all began! A face that does not speak but tries to look ahead in this society that lacks culture and abounds with amoral, superficial and consumerist instructions and appearances without any type of content.

Seen and considered that we are globalized (to be honest for many years, if I think about the discovery of America and trade, even earlier in the east, China as the richest country, where the rice and spices that were used to abound were abundant preserve food) because then we do not globalize cultures, religions, customs. We want to globalize only for economic purposes and, after all, nobody cares.

Fortunately, the African slaves who went to Brazil inserted their culture, their cuisine and their religion, which has always been accepted and many are proud to have African blood, to have black skin. The true Brazilian would be the Indian, all the others are mixed but still, despite its five hundred twenty-two years of different ethnicities among Portuguese, African, Dutch, German, Japanese, Italian, etc., racism and discrimination still go on today streets day and night, victimizing women, children and men, blacks / blacks / pretos / mulatos are part of the poorest population.

The blue bees are like people of African origin, if they really disappeared from the Earth as well as the common bees are disappearing, we will remain not only without honey and without food, without coffee, without a lot of herbs and fruit plants that are part of an extremely important ecosystem for everyone, but we will also remain without the history of the oldest people in the world, the cradle of civilization that cannot be interrupted. This also applies to the Indians of Brazil who are currently dying from the epidemic. What about Africa? We know very little. It is not so important …

I just want to know what clicks into a person’s head to hate a black-skinned human being so much, what kind of process and how it develops in the human mind to make him hate the other for his physical appearance and never for the his soul and his heart. Ah, yes, how stupid I am! Of course, such a hideous being cannot understand what the soul is, let alone feelings …