Women slaughtered and murdered as if they were elephants


I associated the elephant with the wild woman intuitively, then I searched for its meaning and concluded that it could be more than suitable. The large body of the elephant, rounded like that of women once more appreciated than now, means the Cosmos, water and mud, cycles of the moon linked to the cycles of rain. The elephant has the power to call rain, fertility and wealth. It is an animal that like the zebra lives in a group (important aspect) and as a group follows the wisdom of the oldest, the old, the one who knows, exactly like our ancestors. She is respected because she is the one who passes on the teachings to her daughter, she is the wisest of the tribe, she knows and knows the shaman rituals, the birth practices, the natural medicines, the cult of the earth. And all in his long memory, like an elephant. Strong and attached to the earth, these grandiose animals face situations at the moment, they do not leave time and if something is wrong, the old woman will resolve the issue. The man, and he himself, cutting the fangs of these animals, the largest still living terrestrials, the first ancestor lived about 65 million years ago in Egypt, the woman is too, kills and injures not only the oldest but all of the pack, and it does not matter whether female or male, mutilating and dismembering for pure vanity and ego. The tribal chief hears it, the older one hears it because they are similar to us and have a mysterious communication therefore the old woman perceives and suffers us, as the mother feels, senses and dreams if the daughter or the son is in danger. The elephants communicate through frequency waves below 20 Hz, they manage to produce over 25 types of sounds including 15 infrasounds, spreading up to a radius of 50 km. These vibrations travel in the air and on the ground. Their communication serves to orient themselves, to move even in the event of an earthquake, to escape from dangers by sending a remote signal, to find water and more. Women too should issue signals to other women in order to create a current of strength and protection. Odara.