Dear friend,

I wanted to thank you for choosing and appreciating my art. Here are some answers to your questions but if you still have any doubts you can write me, I will be available and I will answer you with pleasure as soon as possible.


I have decided not to have an online shop because often we artists have to advertise ourselves and bring traffic to paid sites. in any case, I have a single store on ……………… where it is also possible to buy the works there with total security.
as for the times, these can vary from 1 to 2 weeks depending on your destination. Usually I use the service of the Mail Boxes Etc company and I assure you that the times are much shorter. Obviously I spend more but this gives me the guarantee and traceability

Costumer privacy

All information on your part, personal data, addresses, etc., will be processed only and exclusively for delivery and on my part will never be visible to third parties.

What does yor art mean?

My art represents the original vision of women. Take back your life, your conscience and your body. Be mistress of themselves, take back the power through the connection with the Great Mother.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I take inspiration from my story and the stories of other women. I wish everyone to realize their dreams, even if itmay seem a crazy idea, or something so difficult, even better!

What do the headdresses represent?

The headdresses want to represent the expression of a deep and intimate desire, what you have in your mind, in your heart even in your soul but maybe you never want to show or reveal. the headdresses can be express also a pain, disappointment, vice, trauma, a joy, a love…

Why does it keep us so much that women do “exactly what they have in mind?”

Since ancient times, in all parts of th world, men have dismembered goddesses and women and taken their place in heaven and on earth. We don’thave a messiah woman, the only one who gave a birth was to remain a virgin. This ‘glorification’ is also a dismember, a cancellation of his true identity. She’s holy because he (he, and not she…) was an authentic messenger of God and God is also a man! So, taking back one’s life and not letting oneself be canceled, canceling, suffocating, mistreating, and so on, is the most important think for a woman. I believe is much more constructive to have someone to grow spiritually and materially. And, if it were not so, better allone!

What does the woman half zebra half cheetah mean?

She’s the wild woman. It’s the representation of the two very important sides of a woman, of two different wild instincts but similar in some appearance that must be in perfect balance. The cheetah is the feline part that run very fast, runs without breaks, has a remarkable and acute intelligence, it’s the animal that indulges in sexual impulses. When the cheetah risked extintion, it became the fasted of the land animals in the order to survive (this is what brave women do when they are in situations of great danger, clinging to life!).

But that is not all! Before catching his prey, the cheetah analyzes the ground (terrain) and his behavior so that, she never fails. Instead the zebra, my beloved zebra (i confess, i’m a very prey) belongs to the horses family, only more squat and less elegant. What? I said less elegant? Absolutley not! Do not exist just one concept of elegance!

Anyway, it’s a surprising animal with black skin and not white as we think. It can run up 56km/h, live in a group exactly like women in ancient times, or, in community, those who practiced sacred rituals, who helped other women to give birth, who celebrate pregnancies, organized jobs and handed downthe teachings to the daugthers.

What for the zebra is a group, for us it should be the sisterhood in time. they are united and able to confuse their predators and this is the importance of joining forces to protect themselves from external threats together. So, two free and indipendent animals been (referring to ancient time) with their intuition and instinct, essencial attributes for the woman.

And what about the Cappuccini? Who are they and what do they represent?

The Cappuccini are another part of me. They are my mistical part, my faith, so broad and without judgments. The Capuuccini can be the devas, darwish, monks, christians, rabbins, islamists, zoroastrians, vedantins or semply humans, all towards spiritual evolution.