The Invisible Protector

(The Cappuccini)

Amadeus Voldben writes about spirituality and says: If you strive as far as you can, the universe ends for you. Whatever your need, the Universe has infinite reserves to offer us. Reading the book by another well-known writer here in Italy, Igor Sibaldi, I learned that we need to know how to ask. As he says, it is unacceptable to be begging an entity that wants to be despaired, hurt, distressed and anxious to get something, big or small, that is a miracle or less. This is not the proper behavior.

We must raise our spirits and calmly tune in to the Cosmos.
I even asked for strange things just for fun, like once I wanted a porcelain leopard, I almost won! Again I needed a pair of sneakers, I ended up getting it! Others, I received the help I needed to get out of my pineapples. The problem is that pineapples are being replaced by cucumbers and so on, but I don’t give up and keep asking. Asking without being a beggar. Asking with faith and a certain irony, after all, head high and look sincere!

This is where my speech comes in. It is fair to be sad, to have a broken heart or to be some (and I say some, not my whole life) sitting watching the rest of the world without participating, just enjoying the sadness. So it’s not good, our invisible protectors are on our side ready to help us!
This is the coolest part, knowing that we are REALLY not alone. On a daily basis we always hear people say: we are alone, I am alone, etc. Ok, it is by being alone, and I say completely alone, that you will find your Spiritual Protector. It is exactly at that moment, when you no longer see the light in the tunnel but you also have nowhere else to sink that you will begin to ‘see and feel that you have never been alone’.

Our habit of ignoring the presence of an entity only yours, ready to accompany you is something that we can no longer neglect. Many people in Brazil attend spiritual centers of various lines, different religions or philosophies, of African or Japanese origin, I know it because I was stuck everywhere and respecting, I knew a little of each one but in fact, my Invisibile Protector went with me and never left me. Perhaps he is an eclectic type and very open but certainly each one of us has been followed and accompanied by one or more of a spiritual entity. Knowing about this presence increases my faith. If it were not so, I would not be able to explain to my daughter why so much evil in the world, why some countries suffer eternally, wars, hunger, diseases, abandonment, etc. If I did not trust my Protector, I would certainly be mad and hospitalized in an ospicio, my sensitivity would never accept certain things that happen on the planet.
Here we start to leave our collaboration, for the planet and for ourselves. Thanks to the entities we are not abandoned to ourselves. It would be terrible if it were so.
Ask, ask for help with faith in your heart and a smile to your wonderful Invisible Protectors!


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