Create a network like zebras to protect us from external dangers


The zebra is one of my totem animals. I discovered in the zebra a great resemblance to women. Although they belong to the horse family, they are by no means less beautiful or less elegant. The concept of elegance does not exist, elegance lies in the ways of a person and the shorter and more squat zebra of his horse relative is an animal of great intelligence and ability. It can travel up to 56km in an hour, they are united and have the ability to confuse their predator and this fact is related to women in the same form for me, the sisterhood among women has the strength to protect the group from external dangers just like them, it is the only animal not to be domesticated. Man has tried but never succeeded, the zebra is not there, fortunately! It also looks like an animal of little courage but is capable of performing acts of extreme courage that nobody expects. Odara.

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